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Limo Rates in Long Island: Nassau County

Passenger transport – is one of the most popular services in Nassau, Long Island. Naturally, there service providers (companies limo), and clients come to some compromise when the Limo rates are set so that on the one hand they provide revenue for carriers, and on the other side are available for most residents of Long Island as well.

Rates limo, for passenger transport are set on the basis of 3 main points:
- Trip to City Limo (rasstoyanie1 km);
- Trip to Limo Intercity (1 km);
- Simple Limo (min.).

In accordance with this and set tariffs. So:
City (1km.) – 2.40grn
Intercity (1km.) – 4 UAH.
Simple (1min.) – 0,50 UAH.

Please note that prices in the Limo company “Suffolk Limo Company” is somewhat lower than those of most carriers, but some you can navigate what fares are in Long Island.
Limo Rates in Long Island: freight
In addition to passenger traffic, you can order and freight. Rates cargo Limo in Long Island depends on the time and the car model. Average tariffs Limo following:
- Submission of cargo limo: from 70 UAH.;
- Work load Limo (1 hour): 70 UAH.;
- 1 km trip: 6 grn.

Note that the load Limo – is one of the convenient ways to transport goods in and outside the precincts of the city. Limo Rates for this type of services are available and allow a majority of Long Island to use this service.
Limo Rates in Long Island: vip-limo
In Long Island there is a genuine service, which is called Vip-limo. In occasions: anniversaries, birthdays, weddings, etc. – It is simply irreplaceable service.

Limo Rates for this type of service depends on the car model and by the time the lease and distance. The average cost of this service ranges from $ 100 per hour and 6 grn. 1 km.

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Nassau Limousine

Company “Allure limousine” proposes to use passenger, cargo and VIP-limo. Limo Rates are available!

If you wish to order the cargo, passenger limo, please also note that there is a system of discounts for travel during the evening hours, as well as regular clients. The size of discounts up to 16%!

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