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Limo Tri State: History

Limo as services appeared in England in the middle of XVII century. Around this time, it was
introduced licensing carting. License betrayed Corporation kouchmenov.
While Limo was a four-wheeled carriages drawn by horses.
Limo actively developed, with the advent of new technical solutions and changed shape limo.
Approximately 200 years later came a lightweight version of Limo – cab. That’s cab and was the first mass Limo Tri State. For example, in cities such as Long Island, cabs regularly transported liang Long Island City.
Exact date of birth Limo Tri State is not, but it is believed that this is the end of XVIII – early XIX century.
Since then, Limo Tri State was interesting and unique periods of development:

era of four-wheel carts;
era cabs;
era of taxis.
Modern Limo Tri State starts with the appearance on the streets of cities Tri State taxis. This happened about 100 years ago.