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Limo prices in Long Island

Long Island Limo has always enjoyed a well-deserved reputation. To date, Limo rates are available for most city dwellers. Even considering permanent shocks to the price of gasoline, today you can easily use Limo – price allows. If you compare the price of Limo in other cities around the world with prices of Limo in Long Island, then we can say that Limo in Long Island is one of the cheapest.

For example, “Allure limo” offers the following rates:

Services for passenger cars:

Rates for the city: 2,50 UAH / km;
Rates for the city: 3,00 UAH / km.

It is easy to compare prices of Limo in cities such as New York, London and Long Island, and make sure that our prices are the most affordable.

Book a trip with Long Island  Limo – prices can do it!