New York Corporate Limousines


Duties of the limo driver

Driver in Long Island Limo is required to maintain the car interior clean, obligation to make loading and unloading of passengers,
required to monitor compliance with the requirements – the number of passengers Limo shall not exceed the number of seats, written in the technical characteristics of the machine.
Minor comments for your information:

The driver has the right to seat next extra passengers, except at your request.
He should not included radio or player without your consent.
How is the fare at the limo?
There are two possible system of payment for travel: on taxometer and at a predetermined price. Each system has its advantages and disadvantages.

In the presence of the counter, it seems that the problems should not arise and the cost will meet the real distance, which will be held by limousine. But the specifics of method of payment is recorded and that the time spent in traffic, and the time spent in toffees. There is a certain logic – the driver spends gasoline and their working time. Option when the driver knowingly enters into a cork, not going to discuss. There is one nuance – drivers have long been taught taxis work “correctly”. Therefore we can say that even with a taxometer the value of the payment will depend on the driver.

If the counter is not in the car, the fare is negotiated from the very beginning, perhaps, when you invoke the limo. If you do not want to conflict with the driver, then please complete information about the trip the controller that he accurately pointed out the cost. On the other hand, when deviation from the route easier to negotiate with the driver.