New York Corporate Limousines


Limo of Long Island is the largest Limo in New York.

Long Island – the capital of Tri State and one of the largest cities in the US, which has a developed infrastructure, an important component of which is  Long Island Limousine as well.

That is why Long Island Limo is largest in the country, and the most stringent requirements are exactly the services of the capital, which significantly increased competition in the city. It’s no secret that the key criterion of any such company is the percentage of successfully executed orders. The main reasons for failure in the supply limousine customers are the small taxi station (where there are no free drivers) and the situation on the roads of Long Island peak hours (when due to congestion is simply impossible to file a car at the right time). The customer receives a denial of service Limo Long Island and, in turn another, and so until until it receives the car. But if the second call in a company situation with the refusal of repeated (assume limousine needed in the rush hour, so even in the center of Long Island as well), it will likely be his last call at this particular company.

Project “Allure limo” was created to improve the quality of work Limo Long Island and, automatically determines the best option for the order, and allows services Limo Long Island exchanging orders among themselves.

Also worth noting that the project offered a unique service to clients miscalculation rate of companies in dozens of Long Island as well, using which you can know the exact fare for a particular route. Thus, you have the opportunity to analyze the rates of different services, select the appropriate company and send your call to them (other companies simply will not see your order in the system).

Combining dozens of companies in Long Island and having thus the largest taxi station in the capital, we suggest you book a car in the numerous Tri State Limo, after all Limo Long Island – this is the first thing that comes to mind of guests.


Cheap Limo “Allure Limo”: A comfortable ride

Call limo, order limo … Everyone wants to have time and get somewhere on time. Residents of Long Island has long become accustomed to comfort. And the idea that if Limo – cheap, it means something to save – not correct. Economy, but not on comfort and convenience of passengers.
Limo “Allure Limo” – is a high level of comfort with the servicing of passengers. Customer offers limousine to a level which corresponds to the habits and tastes of the client.
In the Limo “Allure Limo” is not used, jarring, untidy limousine. All we organize transportation of high quality and taste, concerned about their image!


We are going to New York!

New York – this is one of the most important places, which determine the dynamics of modern life. Is it really possible to provide a major city without a modern airport. No wonder that New York is one of the places where the Long Island lyane bought a trip to the limo.
Let’s talk about the services available at the airport and, of course, on how to get faster in New York. Hopefully, this information useful.


Corporate limo

And another advantage – we can conclude agreement for corporate services Customer limo. Benefits of our limo service for corporate clients are obvious. First of all, this is a substantial savings budget. From that, whether you go to limo Newark airport, Order a limousine through the city or outside of it, the cost of services does not change. Tariff on limo services is fixed in the contract. Of course, the price of a limo in this case substantially lower than in single orders. - New York Limo - Long Island Limo


New York Corporate limo

An important activity of a new transport company (brands “Important Person” and “New Yellow limo”) is the provision of transport services to corporate clients. limousines STC – is the best choice of corporate transportation, saving companies money and redeemed from noncore transportation units. Our production facilities enable us to comply with all the necessary standards of service and production limousines than the clock watch for mechanics and medics STC.
Today service STC selected more than a thousand companies for:

Substitution own fleet of limousines;
Service occasional business limo ride along New York;
Of the limo for staff completing the work at a later time;
Travel to airports and railway stations, to meet guests;
Services for corporate events;
Courier services.
Advantages of using the STC in the corporate services:

NTK – conscientious konragent;
non-cash form of payment with the possibility of deduction of VAT;
line of credit with no prepayment and collateral;
favorable tariff proposal, a flexible system of discounts;
separate channels dispatching orders to guarantee supply of the car service;
Personal managers are ready to address the full range of issues;
detailed interpretation of accounts, journals, travel, allowing to control costs;
3-level system of protection of receiving orders.

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