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Ladies and Gentlemen, the activities of our company is aimed primarily at creating most convenient and quality service for New Yorkers. In Long Island in 1999 organized control service around the clock limo “Allure Limo“. We look forward to offer you a car economy, business and VIP class. We will help you clearly and in time to to and from airport JFK, La Guardia, Newark, Long Island-Newark. Quickly and accurately provide the service of individual and group travel. Here you can order a limo, custom van, bus, limo call load. Also, our company carries courier services and delivery of flowers and gifts to Long Island and Tri State region. Order limo in Long Island can be done 24 hours a day, seven days a week and holidays. Our staff companies are always happy to give you a complete answer on the services provided. Our clients have opportunity to travel as prepaid and credit. To work with organizations on contractual basis, provided non-cash form of payment. Company “Allure Limo” is committed to provide the highest level of service.

We look forward to seeing you among our regular clients.


Getting ready for rental

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Getting ready for rental
Documents for limousine rental:
As some countries require that the rights were transferred to the local language, it is best to receive an international driving permit and present it together with your license.

Book a limousine in advance
It should arrange in advance to reserve a limousine. Keep in mind that limousines in Europe are generally smaller than in the United States. So make sure you have ordered is suitable for your limousine.

Taking the limousine
Upon receipt of a vehicle:
Check equipment. Some countries have a duty vmeli limousine rental companies to recruit additional limousine safety equipment, first aid kit, illuminated triangles, disseminate warnings and even a spare flashlight.

Ask your European rental agent to make sure that your machine is properly equipped with all necessary when visiting the country where you are going.

Need to learn Cocoa petrol can be used
Gasoline in Europe is 2-3 times more expensive than in the United States. You can save a little money, resorting to gas stations with self-service.

There petrol with lead, lead-free fuel and diesel. You need to know what type of fuel suitable for your limousine.

Calculate how much gasoline you have filled in the tank, will help information below.

1 gallon New York = 3.79 liter, 1 gallon in the UK = 1.2 gallons in the United States.

Be prepared to provide first aid
In all countries there are different procedures for registration of an accident, which also depends on the injuries and the availability of victims.

Ask your agent about the features of this procedure in the country where you are going.

On the road
Pay attention to speed limits.
I exceeded the speed limit can immediately take away the right, no matter where they were stopped. Fines are usually very large and they must pay.

It should be remembered that in most countries, speed limits are expressed not in miles and in kilometers.

Drivers of vehicles entering the intersection on the right have an advantage to those who have left (unless there are specific indications), even at the entrance to the street with little big.

In general, the French movement on the roads is very active.

Warning: Urban Riviera pretty hard with parking. And fines for parking tickets high. Pay attention to the mark “Payant” or “P”, which means a place (outlines white stripes) for paid parking.

Do not drive your limousine to the influence of alcohol.
In each European country has laws prohibiting driving while drunk, the allowed level of alcohol in the blood is very low. Even a glass of beer – is not lawful in many countries. In some countries, if the rate of blood alcohol above zero – is a punishable offense.

Leave your limousine only in authorized locations.
In many cities, parking zones are designated as “blue zone” – for short-term parking (1-1,5 hour), as the “green zone” – for longer-term parking and the “red zone” – where parking is prohibited.

In some cities used counters paid parking time.

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Limo “Allure Limo” will help!

Do not know how to get to Long Island Airport I have no problems?  With whimsical boss generator of ideas this morning I know that to be an urgent business trip. Of course! Of all orgotdela there were no more rights for the trip

- I’m going exactly. Arguing is futile and fraught, angry, too. Although the reason, you will agree there – to fly three hours flight – in the night. And this – my first trips abroad! Even could not imagine an organization of travel – as well as a drive to Long Island Airport, I at night.
How to get to Long Island Airport, I: organizational time
Nowhere to go from a submarine – I tried to plan things and calm down. To start stuck in the Internet to find out how you can do to get to Long Island Airport.

Public transport me to be perfectly arranged – much luggage I had. But given the night flight, this option is no longer relevant.
Go herself in her car? I would not like fooling with the decision of the question, what to do with limousine at the airport – it throw out a paid parking experience for him.

Limo in Long Island    
Limos on the streets of Long Island    
Status of the limo market in Long Island

Get to the Long Island Airport I’m on a ride – I do not have such a reserve of courage and adventure! Therefore, the choice fell on the limo. After consulting with colleagues and confirmed in his decision, I went to call in the Limo and book limousine at the right time with the firm conviction that the problem of “how to get to Long Island Airport” solved.


The main advantages of travel on the limo: Airport New York

Telephones Limo will be accessible from anywhere in Long Island as well, Long Island Airport, I and any City Tri State. If you have a lot of go on business trips, then this service very useful for you.

Airport Limo in New York people are bought every day several times a day. It is not surprising, because not always in the airport can be reached comfortably and on time by public transport. Therefore travel Limo in New York is very popular. The advantages of travel on the Limo to the airport is just dedicated to this article.
Trips to the Airport Limo in New York – it is convenient
Should I describe all the charms of travel, say trolley? It is unlikely that this can be called convenience and comfort: the luggage (maybe more), in a crowd of people just rushing off somewhere (or, conversely, not rushing).
Now imagine the situation in the trip limo: luggage loaded into the trunk, you calmly relax in the cabin to the music (or without music) and enjoy the ride instead of worrying and worry.
In addition – you do not have to go with changes, losing precious time. You call Limo – sit quietly in a limousine near the entrance and exit to the airport – in a specified place at the right time. Speaking of time ….
Trips to the Airport Limo in New York – is punctual
You need to get to the airport for night flight? Forget about public transport – where to find a bus at 2 am? There are, however, the option to leave the airport in good time – on the last flight of trolleybuses and trams, minibuses. And sit in the waiting time at the airport 4.5 hours or more.


Order for a limousine to the Long Island airport

Order for a limousine to the airport

Everyone knows that limousine – it is not a luxury but a means of transportation. Unfortunately, the realities of life today are such that, for many people the limousine is unavailable. It is not only its value, by itself is the problem is solved. Buying a limousine needs to think about purchasing a garage. Otherwise will have to pay every place in the open parking lot. Finding which is not quite favorably in terms of exposure to the body and tires Effects of weather conditions. Also affect the rejection of the purchase of high cost of gasoline and spare parts, need to learn driving and other causes. Therefore, for many the only means of travel is public transport. But it has its drawbacks. Not always a rhythmic motion with a violation of the schedule, slow speed, a large number of passengers during peak hours. As a result, for those who need somewhere to have time to time, the best option is limo. This is especially true when you want a limo to the airport. Since the decision to use air transport services almost never is spontaneous, passengers do not need to catch a limo directly to the city streets. If you want limo in La Guardia airport, Newark airport and JFK airport, then a preliminary call to dispatching service will save you from many troubles and will calmly focus on the charges.

Those who wish to get on the bus, which inevitably will have to go out in advance to experience all the charm of travel on public transport with a lot of baggage, but, moreover, still and wait in the airport land for longer than necessary. limo is the best way in cases where the planned trip to the airport. Even if you delete Booking a limo to the airport, You still do not have to worry, because the driver will take you on time, no matter what road or weather conditions. Because the words limo and tardiness are incompatible.

The call limoThanks to new technologies, it is simplistic to the extreme. You only need to dial the dispatch service. You will be required a minimum of information. Your address, destination and time of filing of the machine. Then the dispatcher immediately tell you the cost of travel. The limousine will arrive on time, because each machine is linked to the limo station towers. Operator does not leave much effort to call the nearest limousine and send it to you. Thus, ordering a limo completely optional long before the trip. Moreover, if you need a limo to JFK airport, Newark airport and La Guardia airport, just tell the time of your flight. Experience allows the controller to orient in the environment, to calculate the travel time and give the limousine so that you do not have long to wait for landing on arrival at the airport.

limos arrive at the appointed time, at any time of day. Another advantage of travel by limo is that services are provided by experienced drivers in comfortable limousines. Even in Soviet times as a limo used only the Volga – the best for the time machine in the country. The same tradition continues to this day. For passengers using only the best foreign-manufactured car services such as Mercedes, BMW, Mazda, Toyota, KIA, Volvo and others. Use a limo, and your journey will be enjoyable from the beginning!

Long Island Limo for service Long Island Airports

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