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Rates on limo service

In any event, we guarantee the timely execution of orders at reasonable prices, which can be found in the section “Rates”.

In real life situations of mass occurs when the order Limo allows not only comfortably reach the desired location, but also saves you from unpleasant moments and unnecessary costs. A striking example – a meeting at the train station or airport. After all, this is where there is maximum risk to get to fraudsters and unscrupulous speculators. Using the fact that the man to come and in a hurry or not know the city, they set high prices or go to the outright deception. And there situation worse, when the salon crave card cardsharper or swindlers. Order Limo Service in Allure Limo save you from problems. Our driver will meet visitors and deliver to the destination. Prior to those who used our services and ordered a limo, Nassau NY appear hospitable and beautiful city, as it was at all times. If on the contrary, to long trip, Allure Limo deliver to the airport or train station on time and with maximum comfort. All our vehicles are equipped with GPS-navigation, thus avoiding traffic jams and enjoy the best route.

Order Limo – best solution when you are going to get to a restaurant or spend an evening with friends or relatives. A good rest will not be marred need to comply with prohibition. And nothing about that, get behind the wheel drunk is unacceptable, we do not even speak. If it still happens that arriving by private car, you have allowed yourself to use alcohol, use our service, “a sober driver.” We guarantee that together with your car you will be delivered to the address without adventures and challenges.


Duties of the limo driver

Driver in Long Island Limo is required to maintain the car interior clean, obligation to make loading and unloading of passengers,
required to monitor compliance with the requirements – the number of passengers Limo shall not exceed the number of seats, written in the technical characteristics of the machine.
Minor comments for your information:

The driver has the right to seat next extra passengers, except at your request.
He should not included radio or player without your consent.
How is the fare at the limo?
There are two possible system of payment for travel: on taxometer and at a predetermined price. Each system has its advantages and disadvantages.

In the presence of the counter, it seems that the problems should not arise and the cost will meet the real distance, which will be held by limousine. But the specifics of method of payment is recorded and that the time spent in traffic, and the time spent in toffees. There is a certain logic – the driver spends gasoline and their working time. Option when the driver knowingly enters into a cork, not going to discuss. There is one nuance – drivers have long been taught taxis work “correctly”. Therefore we can say that even with a taxometer the value of the payment will depend on the driver.

If the counter is not in the car, the fare is negotiated from the very beginning, perhaps, when you invoke the limo. If you do not want to conflict with the driver, then please complete information about the trip the controller that he accurately pointed out the cost. On the other hand, when deviation from the route easier to negotiate with the driver.


Limo of Long Island is the largest Limo in New York.

Long Island – the capital of Tri State and one of the largest cities in the US, which has a developed infrastructure, an important component of which is  Long Island Limousine as well.

That is why Long Island Limo is largest in the country, and the most stringent requirements are exactly the services of the capital, which significantly increased competition in the city. It’s no secret that the key criterion of any such company is the percentage of successfully executed orders. The main reasons for failure in the supply limousine customers are the small taxi station (where there are no free drivers) and the situation on the roads of Long Island peak hours (when due to congestion is simply impossible to file a car at the right time). The customer receives a denial of service Limo Long Island and, in turn another, and so until until it receives the car. But if the second call in a company situation with the refusal of repeated (assume limousine needed in the rush hour, so even in the center of Long Island as well), it will likely be his last call at this particular company.

Project “Allure limo” was created to improve the quality of work Limo Long Island and, automatically determines the best option for the order, and allows services Limo Long Island exchanging orders among themselves.

Also worth noting that the project offered a unique service to clients miscalculation rate of companies in dozens of Long Island as well, using which you can know the exact fare for a particular route. Thus, you have the opportunity to analyze the rates of different services, select the appropriate company and send your call to them (other companies simply will not see your order in the system).

Combining dozens of companies in Long Island and having thus the largest taxi station in the capital, we suggest you book a car in the numerous Tri State Limo, after all Limo Long Island – this is the first thing that comes to mind of guests.


Telephone numbers of Limo … tattoo

I had a friend of one eccentric person, who simply adored the various tattoos and, interestingly, not just loved them, but was a permanent client tattoo parlors. Once she for some reason tattooed on the right shoulder  the phone number of your beloved, and went’d go … Which only phone numbers is not used …

Br-rr, the same man enough willpower!

Although you know that something in her idea is reasonable … Everything you need to wear them. Phone can be discharged, the computer break, a directory get lost, but the skin then its impossible to lose, so that the numbers are always “at hand”.

Such are the interesting people live in Long Island!

And in conclusion, let me give a little advice: Keep all the same numbers Limo in the form of cards, and even use the  limo phone number, which are well remembered, for example 200-0-200, and then you yourself can always use limousine service, as well as friends and relatives to gain practical advice.


Limo prices in Long Island

Long Island Limo has always enjoyed a well-deserved reputation. To date, Limo rates are available for most city dwellers. Even considering permanent shocks to the price of gasoline, today you can easily use Limo – price allows. If you compare the price of Limo in other cities around the world with prices of Limo in Long Island, then we can say that Limo in Long Island is one of the cheapest.

For example, “Allure limo” offers the following rates:

Services for passenger cars:

Rates for the city: 2,50 UAH / km;
Rates for the city: 3,00 UAH / km.

It is easy to compare prices of Limo in cities such as New York, London and Long Island, and make sure that our prices are the most affordable.

Book a trip with Long Island  Limo – prices can do it!

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